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Logo TK Tridaya  
        TK Tridaya was established in 2005  and located in Jl. Encep Kertawirya No. 157B Cimahi. Over time, Playgroup Tridaya was born in the academic year 2010/2011. PG - TK Tridaya using the flagship program of PTA (Parent Teaching Assistant) as a differentiator from other PG or kindergarten. PTA is a learning program that involves parents, so  parents can find out how children's learning, motivating their children, and advise the schools to develop programs for the better.

         Learning facilities in PG - TK Tridaya consists of the indoor and outdoor games, tree house, science laboratories, computer rooms, libraries and swimming pools. PG - TK Tridaya also supports talent development of gifted children in the arts and sports. The introduction of foreign languages, English and Japanese, also began to be done to address language needs in the future.

         Vast land, a place to play a complete, excellent programs, and qualified teachers make PG - TK Tridaya increasingly trusted by the community. Various achievements inscribed on every race that followed was proof of PG - TK Tridaya can produce an intelligent human being and character.